Home Insurance


Home is where the heart is. Protect what matters most with a home insurance policy from Dawson Insurance.

As a homeowner in Illinois, you understand that your house is one of the greatest assets in your life – if not the greatest. Ensuring that it is properly protected is essential.

The exact details of your homeowner’s insurance coverage vary by policy, but here a few basics to understand:

  • Dwelling – This is protection against the possible loss or damage to the structure of your home. Keep in mind that this only covers certain claims, which may not include flooding or earthquake damage.
  • Other Structures – Do you have a storage shed or detached garage? If so, the Other Structures section of your homeowners insurance will cover these.
  • Personal Property – If there is a fire in the home, you may lose everything. The Personal Property section of your homeowners insurance covers the property inside the home. This can also cover stolen items.
  • Loss of Use – After a disaster, you may not be able to live in your home while it is being fixed. With loss of Use insurance, your living expenses can be covered.
  • Personal Liability – It is important to understand that if someone is hurt while on your property, you are liable. With personal liability insurance, you are protected.

For additional liability insurance, you can also look into personal umbrella liability as a supplement. If you are interested in hearing more about the benefits and cost of this policy, please say so. We would be happy to discuss.

The options above may overwhelm you, but do not worry. Our advisors are here to be your guide. Together, we can discuss your options, rates, and what is best for your situation.

Additional Coverage Options

Your mortgage may require you to carry homeowners insurance. However, it is important to be aware that most home insurance policies are basic and may not cover as much as you believe. For example, flood insurance is not included on a basic home insurance plan. It is imperative to purchase separate coverage, as a rider to your basic home policy. Our advisors can help you with this.

Do you rent or own a condo? Our agency can provide you with a renters or condo insurance policy that will take care of your individual needs. All you have to do is ask.

Turn to Dawson Insurance

There are many twists and turns on the road of life. It is important for you to make sure that your home and property are covered in the event of an unexpected accident or disaster.

If you are ready to discuss your individual home insurance needs with one of our advisors, please call 847.658.5644. We are not only here to provide you with personal insurance quotes, but to assess your living situation in order to provide a policy that makes sense for you and your family.